A complete Evolution of OpenERP – Odoo  



 Open ERP is coined as ODOO from May 2014. It is an open source business application for key services like Point of Sales, CRM, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse, HR/ Payroll Management, Industrial Manufacturing, Accounts and Finance Planning and more. Odoo makes your business process easy and clear.

Take a trip down memory lane 


The early 1990’s manifest the beginning of first ERP System, largest and most complex companies targeted on this System and later enterprise systems have developed to become a vibrant measure for nearly any size of businesses.

Today’s businesses have more prospects than eternal, may be with Installation, development, extensions, add-ons and customization. A huge data is hosted and accessed with cloud.

Companies can trap their data anywhere, anytime. Also, ERP offers data-driven result and analysis for any process or business.


Open Source ERP system boomed as the edge for Open Source to conquer. The OpenERP Applications rapidly found its place in various horizon of organization like Web Servers, Operations of the business, Staffing for Organization, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing & Industries Performance and what further…This is not the end, this also raised slowly in managing the increase of the business market share and as defined by size and in different geographical locations of the world.

Quick Rewind

In this Technology ERA – ERP systems stands as an essential source to strive any kind of Business.Open ERP is termed as Odoo from May’2014

“Odoo is and always will be fully open source”. The Open ERP didn’t mirror the offering of the company anymore.

With the introduction of new apps such as Website Builder, POS or E-Commerce, the company had moved beyond the ERP territory this was the declaration given by Odoo.

With a New Name comes a New Logo! Odoo’s logo is very simple and its purple colour symbolizes creativity, originality and innovation. We prepared a page dedicated to brand assets, so you can have access to everything you need.

Quick Facts

Nearly 2 Million Business has upgraded their Business with Odoo due to the wide range of features with flexibility and evolving.

Open ERP had moved beyond the Terrain, as the recent business deserve more than the past to evolve in this competitive eon, apart from CRM, E-Commerce, BI engine, Integrating the sales platform with Inventory, accounting the present companies need something more to peruse the point of sales, Inbound sales and marketing operations linked as 360degree reporting engine. Larger companies require Project & Production Management linked with time sheets, financial and accounting apps.

With 3000 plus unique application, Odoo plays a vital role as no more product can level its reach. Odoo retrieved as Collection of Business apps and not a single ERP.

“ODOO – Fully integrated software, which can easily manage different verticals of operations in one Horizon”

Impact of Odoo with Larger Business 

Even though, Odoo have various dimensions for any kind of Business. Here are some facts why larger companies desire Odoo apps.

Top Features of Odoo

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to increase sales efficiency and show growth in Revenue

  • Point of Sale (POS), a dynamic part of business always at the focus may be in iPad or Android tablets.

  • Billing application customized based on Business to manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, and get paid faster.

  • Accounting is integrated with all the processes to avoid binary entries.

  • Business intelligence to design your dashboards, setup Key Performance, slice and dice on your cubes.

  • Mobile Payments Integration with M-Pesa for the mobile payments.

  • Credit control to manage the consumers balance and credit limits

  • SMS campaign solution for bulk marketing to the customers and prospects.

  • Warehouse management, a radical double-entry inventory management system.

Benefits of Odoo Application in Short 

  • Consolidated Reports – for various operations in a single app.

  • Eradicate Time Consumption and Manual Errors

  • Work more than the Customer expectation – Prefect supply chain management

  • Stay unique from the Competitors

  • Acquire profit on every sales

  • Up to date information data’s in an click

  • Cost Effective compared to the other commercial software’s

  • Customizable based on your business

Research states 32% of R&D| Engineering, 8% for Sales, 6% in Finance, 3% in Human Resource, 8% of Marketing uses OpenERP / Odoo.