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Are you looking to implement a medium or large Odoo project?

Our ideal customers are businesses who don't only want a reseller, but a professional technology partnership, people who want their software to simply work.

With a diverse team of Open Source and business specialists, we are capable of delivering just what your business requires.

We operate a mature process-orientated approach which ensures a successful outcome, making us the UK's first and leading Odoo integrator.

Don't compromise

We take the time to understand your business processes. This early stage of any project is designed to remove uncertainty and clarify the requirements ensuring an appropriate solution is proposed. This process allows us to deliver exactly what you need to enable a successful project outcome.

The 80/20 rule

We can typically meet 80% of your software requirements with free, commodity, out of the box Open Source infrastructure and software, leaving the majority of your budget available to be spent on 20% of your business needs.

Why is this so important? Because it's the 20% which makes you unique, where you may have previously encountered complex challenges, spreadsheet workarounds, and where you have the most to gain in terms of your competitive advantage.

Our customers

OpusVL have implemented secure and robust solutions across a variety of sectors including retail, distribution and the public sector.
Some examples of solutions designed and built by us:

Several high profile retailers use gift card and loyalty applications
The UK's leading used car retailer (turnover £120m+) uses a complete end to end Odoo & Flexibase solution
A high growth on-line furniture retailer with an existing Magento website, integrated with fully joined-up stock and financials
On-line vehicle number plate auction with real-time payments, billing and financial management
A little bit about us
OpusVL was established in 1999 with the aim of providing professional Open Source solutions to businesses. Our company operate in four distinct areas to provide full project life-cycle management. These are:
- Business services
- Software & development
- Infrastructure & networks
- Support & maintenance
Smart Information Technologies Ltd
Smart IT focusses on building strong long lasting relationships with clients, some going back to 1997. We provide a host of IT related services and support to clients from relatively small local businesses to national PLCs.
Omnis Software is dedicated to providing Odoo’s all-in-one business management software, typically to growing and ambitious companies. We help these businesses to enhance their performance, become more efficient and increase profitability.

Our clients tell us that they are frustrated with multiple logins to various systems, coupled with the inefficiencies of multiple data sources and the complications of integrating disparate systems. Odoo avoids these issues with a single point of data entry, and a single point of truth.

Omnis adds specific value for our clients by providing ‘best practice’ pre-configured implementations for several vertical industries, including Professional Services, Manufacturing, e-Commerce, Warehousing & Distribution and Event Management. These packages significantly reduce the time and effort needed to deploy our solutions.

Our software integrates all the major business functions of accounting, CRM, project management, purchasing, manufacturing, stock control, e-commerce, time recording and many more. The result is a beautiful, easy-to-implement system which staff and management can embrace.